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Snorkeling is a wonderful way to get closer to nature! It's an experience that lets you explore beautiful and unique parts of the world, which can include spectacular coral reefs and fascinating aquatic life.

The package includes a plate of fruit, beverages and snorkeling equipment.

Snorkeling is relatively easy to learn and can be done in shallow or deep water. Either way, you will have an unforgettable experience. So grab your snorkeling gear, your swimsuit and a big breath of fresh air, and get ready for a wonderful underwater journey!

There is something magical about snorkeling, it allows you to drift in the underwater world, watch in awe as majestic turtles swim by, admire the beauty of colorful corals and stingrays while being surrounded by an aura of sweetness and peace. 

It is important to remember to always exercise caution when snorkeling, especially around corals!

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